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Customer Service in Supply Chains

Are you fed up with poor communication throughout your supply chain network? Can your international freight forwarders provide excellent and timely customer care? Be assured that our agents are always available as a point-of-contact and we can customise our services to accommodate your operational conditions.

At Stockwells we also have dedicated sales representatives who are able to organise international freight pricing door-to-door and these quotations are inclusive of the entire supply chain right through to pick ‘n’ pack style services. Stockwells prides itself on its extensive value add services which range from bespoke reporting to 24/7 access to a range of staff in an emergency and we understand that freight is rarely a 9-5 gig and that most of our work is required after hours, with overseas contacts for quick solutions.

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Our network of agents worldwide is not only impressive, it represents our longevity in this industry, most of our agents are long term contracted partners, who have been chosen based on the reputation and coverage they have in their own regions. They are in place because of their knowledge, their proven track record and proximity of warehouses to ports and airports. Our agent list is not a random group of companies chosen ad hoc, but a list of reputable, outstanding companies who have been partnered with us over a long period of time.

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