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Brisbane Container Terminals
March 31st, 2014 | Brisbane Container Terminals

Hutchison ports Holdings (HPH), a subsidiary of the multinational Hong Kong-based Corporation Hutchison Whampoa Limited, has opened its Brisbane Container Terminals (BCT) build on reclaimed land on Fisherman’s Island in the Port of Brisbane.

The container terminal will deliver greater container handling capacity and competition to the port. HPH signed a 42 year lease agreement with the Queensland Government in 2008 to develop the new container terminal. It will be capable of handling more than 800,000 TEU a year, significantly increasing the Port’s current capacity. BCT will operate two international container berths with a total quay length of 660 metres and a depth alongside of 14 metres. The terminal is connected to the national and state rail services and has road freight access.

Brisbane is Australia’s fastest growing container port. HPH deputy chairman John Meredith said he saw BCT as a significant player in Australia’s developing trade and the HPH network that spans 52 countries. ‘We intend to be here for the long haul and we intend to make a difference,’ he said.

BCT chief executive Stephen Gumley said that the new terminal’s importance could not be underestimated. ‘Brisbane Container Terminals is the first operated by a third stevedore to service Australia’s important east coast container trade,’ he said. ‘This is a dramatic and positive change on the waterfront.

‘Until now this market was the sole province of two companies [Patrick and Australian National Stevedores.] Now it is one in which three companies vie for shipping line business. This has to be good for shipping lines and their customers with greater value and better service.’

‘Stand-alone operators will face considerable challenges in this market because typically the incumbent stevedores have tended to package ports in their offer to shipping lines or offer discounts based on national volumes.’

HPH with its investments in Brisbane and Sydney’s Port Botany is already providing a two-port alternative and we are seeking to extend that to three east coast ports, he said.

Reference: Shipping Gazette Newsletter – Daily shipping news, 24 Jan 2014, Hutchison opens Brisbane Container Terminals to serve Oz East Coast

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