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Stockwells values sustainability by being proactive in regards to climate change. It is our responsibility to lead by example so that we can encourage positive changes within the industry and promote practices that are better for the environment.

To pioneer what it takes to be a climate friendly business we strive to:

  • Improve transport capacity
  • Raise pollution awareness
  • Use low-emission transport fleets
  • Reduce waste
  • Modernise our equipment
  • Purchase carbon credits

Our actions to reduce our carbon footprint will directly contribute to the world’s transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Stockwells aspires to become a leading green logistics service provider to prove that carbon dioxide emissions can indeed be reduced as transportation demands grow.

We are working alongside Climate Friendly to take action towards our carbon emission impact from our business practices. We have offset some of these emissions by purchasing verified carbon credits from the Rural China Grouped Small Hydro Project (clean energy for remote mountain communities).

Stockwells changes the projects it supports every few years, but we have always worked with projects we feel would contribute the most benefits for the communities they run in.

Our investment has had a much higher impact than just direct carbon reduction benefits. The Rural China Grouped Small Hydro Project contributes to sustainable development across the four provinces which provides a more stable electricity supply in rural areas to prevent deforestation as less firewood is needed for energy. The 95 projects have created jobs for local people and have also provided on the job training to boost local skills. During the construction of the plants the developers upgraded community infrastructure such as access roads.

Community Ties

Stockwells support local sporting talent of all ages. Some of the teams we have sponsored in the past include include: The Camden Rams JRLFC, Picton Magpies RLFC, Caringbah Redbacks Football Club, Mt. Gravatt Vultures, Stockwells Dreamers, North Burleigh Nippers and Hawthorne Junior Football Club. Our affiliations with these clubs have grown over time and we are proud to helpthe wider community.

We are now also sponsoring Macarthur Special Needs Soccer Club.

Efficient International Freight Forwarders

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Our Offices

Our network of agents worldwide is not only impressive, it represents our longevity in this industry, most of our agents are long term contracted partners, who have been chosen based on the reputation and coverage they have in their own regions. They are in place because of their knowledge, their proven track record and proximity of warehouses to ports and airports. Our agent list is not a random group of companies chosen ad hoc, but a list of reputable, outstanding companies who have been partnered with us over a long period of time.

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