Australian Customs Broker

Importers rely on efficient management and sound advice in order to ship their goods into Australia in a timely manner. For those inexperienced in global trade, Stockwells offer a range of services to help you organise your land, sea and air shipments. Customs brokerage is an important aspect of cargo handling and our specialised brokers are always available to assist.

All Stockwells brokers are accredited and qualified to advise you on matters of Australian customs and quarantine entry. We strive to ensure that your goods are priority cleared prior to their arrival at the designated port.

All of our Australian customs broker provide a personalised service backed by years of experience. We use the latest electronic data transfer technologies and can assist in current tariff concessions and other relevant import documentation to provide optimal administrative support.

To ensure efficient customs clearance you need a company that possess technical knowledge, an appreciation of modern procedures as well as an ability to understand and speak the customs language of tariff classifications, duty drawback, tariff concession orders, free trade agreements and more.

When you ship globally you simply cannot control every link in the supply chain. Stockwells designates one person in-house to assist with your company’s compliance. We maintain a 24/7 point-of-contact so that there is always someone available to respond to issues. We understand that freight crosses many borders and time zones and our rapid response can potentially minimise expenses and solve problems before they escalate.

Stockwells Can:

  • Accurately determine duty liability
  • Discuss tariffs in relation to shipments
  • Advise on GST
  • Determine duty drawback
  • Establish landed costings
  • Minimise compliance risks and costs

We assist all sized companies medium to large

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