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This tool is aimed at guiding you through the many rules and regulations stipulated or associated with importing and exporting from/to Australia.

Good luck, and if at any time you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact your local office.

Step One: What you need to know first

So, you have decided to import. You have located a reputable international supplier, decided on a commodity and need to know what sort of restrictions, licenses, permits or quarantine issues are associated with your product.

Some commodities intended for import or export to/from Australia need quarantine permits and/or treatment and other quarantine and standard prerequisites. To assist with your research on restricted commodities and consumables, please see the below links for both Imports and Exports - your product may be listed here.

Quarantine, Permit and Standards Information - IMPORTS
Quarantine, Permit and Standards Information - EXPORTS 

For information on restrictions on imports or fumigation go to For a full list of Aqis publications on all Quarantine and Inspection items Click on "Publications" from the left hand side menu, of the Aqis home page, then click on "Australian Quarantine & Inspection Services".

All wooden/bark/dunnage materials, pallets or packaging need to be treated prior to import into Australia.  For information on ACCEPTABLE offshore treatment(fumigation) providers follow the above instructions and from the publications that are listed under the Australian Quarantine & inspection services click on CARGO-Offshore treatment providers.

For information on customs issues such as duties go to

If you are importing a product that contains an engine and may be used on Australian roads you will require licenses and permits, please go to  to find out what you will need prior to import.

If you are importing a commodity that will be used by the general public or children you will have to meet Australian Standards and you can find out about your product requirements by emailing or visit  for further information.

If you are importing goods that will be consumed by the Australian public you will need to ensure that those products meet Australian food standards and they may require permits/licences as well.  Please visit for further information.

If you are interested in either the import or export of wine please visit for further information.  There are restrictions on this product for both imports and exports.

If you are interested in the exportation of meat please visit for restrictions on these procucts, including permit and other related matters.

If you are an overseas company and you would like to distribute directly within Australia you will need to visit or visit the following link for further information; For more information on overseas selling Free Into Store please visit

Now that you have all the information about your particular product, you are ready to begin negotiations with your supplier regarding the international movement of your cargo. To be ready for this you will need to know what the International Commercial Terms (Trading Terms or Terms of Trade) your supplier is offering you.

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