Buyer Consolidation in China

Our new consolidation service in China will bring fantastic new opportunities to save time and money for your business! We have well-established warehousing, consolidation, pick n pack and quality control in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China.


  • Shenzhen CFS warehouse – a three-floor stereoscopic warehouse covering 90,000 square meters
  • Shanghai CFS warehouse - 210,700 square meters including 170,000 square meters of container yard, capacity of storage is 19,000 square meters
  • Fully equipped with dust-free flooring with multi-function rooms
  • CCTV, infrared motion detectors and 24-hour security patrol

Multiple supplier consolidation at origin allows you to have full control of direct deliveries to each of your customers. It alleviates the need to bring in a container from each supplier for local unpack and sorting, then delivering to customers via multiple part deliveries, reducing handling, stress, time and money.

It is also possible to fulfil individual orders from origin on a smaller scale, packing multiple-picked individual orders in the one container to be sent to the closest port, pre-sorted. Again this eliminates the need to organise multiple pick n pack orders and commodities at destination, and leaving only local distribution within Australia from our DC or yours to organise.

Having such control over these labour intensive shipments lets you maintain control over costs and delivery time frames to the end customer. Tracking on inbound cargo to the warehouses is also available via reports, and if you are moving through both consolidation points, one combined report eliminates the hassle of multiple reports from each location.



Stockwell国际货运有限责任公司是一家澳大利亚国际货运公司。Stockwell于1971年创立,当时名为Bulgin & Stockwell。公司创始人Brian Stockwell与George Bulgin先生以及另外三人起初是在悉尼Mascot工作的海关报关员。自从那时起,公司的运营范围就从本地拓展到了国际货运,进出口,海关清关,国内运输以及仓储。在Bulgin先生去世后公司经历了品牌再造并正式更名为Stockwell国际货运有限责任公司。公司现今已经成为了澳洲最大的家族式私营货运公司。Stockwell现有悉尼(总部),墨尔本,布里斯班和阿德莱德办公室,员工共计100逾人。



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