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Steel Scrap

Stockwells can assure our clients that we offer competitive rates for Steel Export. Our specialist, Anton Blasl takes the liberty in watching the steel market on a daily bases and liaises directly with shipping lines to keep rates within this market. We make sure the rates we offer are worthwhile for our clients as steel export is such a low margin industry. Stockwells work closely with the suppliers in organising freight in order to make sure the whole transaction goes smoothly.


The dairy industry is one of the most significant export industries in Australia. Through intensive research on each country requirements, Stockwells are prepared to assist with dairy product export to any country. Fully equipped with our own Exdoc and electronic document system, we provide the process in a most timely efficient way.

With his 5 years of experience in the industry, Anton Blasl is an expert at handling Steel Scrap and Dairy products export.

Linkedin: Anton Blasl 


New Importer

Stockwell International understands that importing for the first time can be overwhelming for many businesses. That’s why we endeavor to assist new importers in any way possible. Our New Importer’s Handbook contains all the information required for new importers. Our sales executive, Rebecca Taylor, is specialised in assisting new importers and makes the initial shipment as smooth as possible with her expertise and excellent customer service skills.

Check out Rebecca on Youtube
Find her on Linkedin: Rebecca Taylor 

Export opportunities in China

With China’s economic growth, Australian food exports to China have risen significantly for the past few years. The products below are in demand in China.

• Milk powder, UHT milk, Cheese
• Frozen red meats
• Wine
• Fresh fruit
• Natural fruit juice
• Confectionery products

Out of the above listed commodities it has been discovered, from recent trips to china, that most significantly milk powder and baby formula is the most desired solid dairy product in China. Closely followed by good quality Australian wines. China is abundant with these particular export opportunities.

The potential export growth in Australia for food and beverage exports should not go unnoticed and with Stockwell’s knowledge along with deep long lasting relationships with our Chinese agents, we can assist you with your export requirements and locate opportunities to expand your own business within this market.

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