International Freight Forwarders

Successful supply chain professionals understand that to be a leader you need international freight forwarders who understand your business as if it were their own. Freight forwarding, customs brokerage, wharf transport including third party logistics, are no longer just cogs in a cycle of events along a supply chain. They can be real game changers when paired with over 40 years of international freight forwarding and transport expertise and knowledge, 24 hour personal service and innovative IT advances.

We have been servicing clients worldwide as their logistics partners since 1971 and offer bespoke solutions that complement individual businesses, large companies and international organisations. We work closely with our clients to determine the most efficient and cost-effective means of transport while offering unique and individualised reporting, mobile app support, track and trace as well as 24-hour customer service.

As International Freight Forwarders, Stockwell International is a truly dedicated, one-stop destination for any companies or organisations looking to shift freight securely, safely and within budget around Australia and internationally 365 days a year.

Simply contact our sales team on the 1300 phone number at the top of the page, navigate to our “Contact Us” page  or simply click through to our on-line quotation area under “Quote & Tenders” where you can fill in some initial details to assist our sales team in determining the best plan for you and your freight. One of our friendly sales team will be in touch with you in a timely manner to discuss your request further.

In the mean time please feel free to browse our website so you and your team can be assured of our expertise and experience in providing the best possible professional solution for your company. We sincerely look forward to including you and your business into the Stockwell family soon.

Transport Freight Solutions

We liaise with our network of carriers and experts to cover all supply chain methods. With international relationships forged over many years our transport freight solutions are trusted and reliable. There is no freight too difficult or too remote for Stockwells to handle. We are a freight forwarding company that runs our own transport fleet, because we understand how important it is to provide on time transport with real time tracking.

Warehousing and Distribution

We offer full stock management reporting in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. For peace of mind all of our warehouses contain back-to-base monitoring systems and 24-hour guard details.

Industry Solutions

Because of the volatile and competitive landscape that we now work in,international freight forwarders are marketing alternative solutions to industry. Stockwells offer more than just the marketing though; we offer bespoke solutions with the backing of extensive experienced with providing logistics support for all kinds of deliverables, from retail pharmaceuticals to hotel refurbishments to dangerous goods.

Customs Brokerage

Global trade can be a tricky process for those unfamiliar with current tax obligations and compliance regulations. Clear your goods in a timely, efficient manner with our in house customs brokers.

IT Solutions

Stockwells uses software to manage everything from visibility over your complete supply chain (end-to-end) to warehouse inventory and transport movements.

New Zealand Office

Stockwell International has built its reputation for exceptional service and world class logistics on the back of its strong global network. Now our network has become even stronger with the opening of our full service office in Auckland, New Zealand. With a wealth of experience and a love of the challenges the freight and logistics industry brings, Nick Larsen and his team look forward to helping our clients do better business whenever they trade around the world.

USA Office 

It is with great pleasure to announce the opening of another Stockwell International trading office. As of 
the beginning of March, 2017, Branch Manager Fabian Polhill will be managing our United States trade 
lanes from our brand new station in Los Angeles. This exciting new development arrives just in time for 
the first birthday celebrations of our New Zealand trading office, where Managing Director Nick Larsen 
and his team have been a roaring success. Learning more about our United States and New Zealand 
offices is as simple as contacting us directly – we look forward to hearing from you.

About Us

Learn more about Stockwells and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service at all times.

World-Class Logistics

We have matured into one of the largest private, family owned freight forwarders and customs brokerage agencies in Australia. We help business large or small ship their goods via road, rail, air and sea. Contact us to learn more about our supply chain solutions and why you should invest in us over other international freight forwarders.